Not that long ago, people did not quite know what a pool enclosure exactly was. Today, the concept is a household word. The only two questions which subside are:

Which producer should we choose?

Which model will we opt for?

Meanwhile, there is a large number of manufacturers and a wide array of models. The entire matter can quickly become complicated. A seasoned industry professional with more than 20 years experience sought a solution. In looking around and evaluating options, the basic thought process was actually simple: Let’s take a popular model and make it even better! And thus our model ARCTIC saw the light. Come celebrate along and discover for yourself this particularly sturdy unit which was developed in Sweden, i.e. in a country where harsh weather conditions often reign. To ensure the best possible product on the market, the manufacturer decided to concentrate all efforts on just one specific model – and be the best at it!
This is why you can rely on the highest quality standards and its reliable functionality. A point of reference as an example: When comparing ARCTIC to a similar enclosure of the same size, ARCTIC contains more than one-third additional material in weight. With that said, ease of handling is nonetheless ensured. The profiles are neither riveted, nor screwed together. A proven technique from the building industry is used to join and fasten these parts. High-tech engineering has gone into the development of this state-of-the-art swimming pool enclosure which is produced by a close-knit team of skilled professionals. Nothing is left to chance!

We pay attention to every detail.
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For example, in the case of many enclosures, locks are a weak point (they typically get stuck or rust). The manufacturer of ARCTIC does not give in to compromise. The enclosure should be the topping on the cake (your pool). Admittedly, quality has its price, but, then again, the satisfaction and peace of mind which come from having made a sound decision is worth its weight in gold. In summary, ARCTIC is a solid investment in sturdiness and security.
    Ease of handling and roll movement
    Ingenious assembly: ideal for do-it-yourself types
    Sturdy & resistant (extra reinforced angle joints)& Helpers
    Maximum quality control at all production stages
    Compact weight &(37% more material compared to others)
    Professional workmanship: no outside visible joining components
    Highest quality material: absolutely no plastic covers or caps
    Extremely low (15 mm) ground guide rail
    Overlapping system of guide rails avoids unsightly screws
    Guide rail only on one length side
    Well-adjusted fit between enclosure sections
    Clean profile angle cuts
    Special fastening technique of profiles
    Full-length (end-to-end) lateral sealing brushes
    Tiltable end panel ventilation flaps (67 mm opening)
    High-quality material flexible end panel seals
    Stainless steel locks & attachment points
    Automatic positioning of enclosure sections
    Each section is equipped with a lock
    Interior anti-locking security system